Your Style Customizations

Apodaca has been crafting custom furniture for over 40 years and is and a member of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana. Each piece is a work of art, which can be adorned with hand tooling reminiscent of fine Western saddles, fringe inspired by Cowboy and Indian clothing, hand-carved wood, turquoise and fossil inlaid wood, painted Coastal art designs and many other designs, which all tell a story.

Hand Carved Leather Tooling

I partner with one of the country’s preeminent tooling artists. He skillfully carves intricate patterns into special thick tooling leather in an endless variety of designs and patterns.

A customer favorite is to incorporate their ranch brand art into the tooling. 

Turquoise Inlay Mesquite

I hand select the most beautiful pieces of mesquite wood — those that have prominent grain patterns, color variations and natural edges. I then carve channels into the wood, fill them with genuine turquoise nuggets and seal them with epoxy.

Kickplate Gathers

Another option for the kickplate (the section just below the seat cushion) is to upholster it with gathered leather.

Dramatic Fringe

Long fringe, with or without added beads, can be attached to the sides, back or arm fronts in matching or contrasting leather.


A Native American bead artist creates the bead patches that can be attached to arm fronts. Often the design will have a special meaning, such as the Native American legend of the white buffalo.

Painting on Leather

I have partnered with an Arizona artist who paints directly on the leather. The paintings can be made  into pillows or placed on the outside back of a sofa or chair.